Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Variations" Album Press Release

Variations Album

Jordan, award-winning composer of epic instrumental themes, releases a new album. His worldwide fans describe his music as "Vangelis meets Enya."

Jordan's music stands out in the sea of instrumental music with his timeless themes. His unique symphonic approach has remained popular and influential over the years.

From "Solace," his 2012 album, the theme "Majestic" remains in the top 10 at Number One Music. His album "In Motion" won the Akademia award for best ambient instrumental album. "Random Fire", from that album, continues to top the popularity list at Number One Music since its 2014 release.

Jordan's latest release, "Variations", demonstrates his versatility as a composer. From the nostalgic "Times Past" to the patriotic "Moving Forward Triumphant", Jordan provides a satisfying listening experience for the listener's every mood.

Jordan's life-long love of classical music greatly influences his work. His desire is to make lasting, memorable contributions to our culture, transporting the listener to a deeper, unforgettable dimension.


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"Variations" album
Adding variety to your life "Variations" has a diverse way of keeping your imagination active.

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In Motion

No Limit to the Skies (20 year anniversary edition)

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"Solace" album
In the stress of your daily life you can relax with this New Age Instrumental Music.

"In Motion" album
"Bringing energy and excitement to your listening experience".

"No Limit to the Skies" album (single)
20 year anniversary edition.

"Variations" album
Adding variety to your life "Variations" has a diverse way of keeping your imagination active.

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