Tuesday, June 12, 2018

"Atmosphere" from the album "The Universe"


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This week I wanted to talk about ‘Atmosphere’ and what to look forward to with the music pieces on the upcoming album “The Universe”.

All the planets have a different type of atmosphere around each planet or space object.  Organizations like NASA/JPL and other organizations have been trying have made many attempts in getting to the surface of Mars because the atmosphere is not quite dense enough to be an atmosphere and yet too thin to slow down an object or spacecraft properly. 

For a spacecraft to get to Mars it takes about 8.5 to 9 months to arrive from the Earth.  There is a two year window that is a race is to get everything ready for the launch due to a slower and elliptical orbit of Mars.  Even traveling at the speed of light, in order for the radio signal from ground control to get to the spacecraft is about 7 minutes.  Ground control would describe this as the ‘7Minutes of Terror’ meaning the spacecraft had to at one point take over and go through a landing sequence by itself with no help from the ground.  Therefore there was a waiting period not knowing if the spacecraft arrived or malfunctioned and crashed on the surface of Mars.  

Even though there have been many failed attempts, there have been other spacecraft that have arrived safely such as the Viking missions in the 1970’s. Other missions followed such as Pathfinder in 1997 being the first robot rover then Spirit and Opportunity in 2004.  There have been other missions that followed like the Phoenix Mars Lander in 2008 to study the poles for water and ice.  Later the spacecraft and rover science laboratory Curiosity arrived in 2012 and has been active on its surface for many years.  Other missions are scheduled to follow.

This piece was particularly written for this getting to the planet Mars and the challenge of getting to the Martian surface.  There is a short animation available describing how the spacecraft traveled and arrived to the Red planet.  I have written the music as timely process of traveling through space with an intense arrival to co-inside along with this short animation piece.

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