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Contact: Jordan McClung
City: Logan
State: Utah

Variations album release

Jordan, award-winning composer of epic instrumental themes, releases a new album. His worldwide fans describe his music as "Vangelis meets Enya."

Jordan's music stands out in the sea of instrumental music with his timeless themes. His unique symphonic approach has remained popular and influential over the years.

From "Solace," his 2012 album, the theme "Majestic" remains in the top 10 at Number One Music. His album "In Motion" won the Akademia award for best ambient instrumental album. "Random Fire", from that album, continues to top the popularity list at Number One Music since its 2014 release.

Jordan's latest release, "Variations", demonstrates his versatility as a composer. From the nostalgic "Times Past" to the patriotic "Moving Forward Triumphant", Jordan provides a satisfying listening experience for the listener's every mood.

Jordan's life-long love of classical music greatly influences his work. His desire is to make lasting, memorable contributions to our culture, transporting the listener to a deeper, unforgettable dimension.

New Album by Jordan Puts Instrumental Music "In Motion"
Number One Music Listings:
“Random Fire” from the newly released “In Motion” album by Jordan has been listed as #1 for all genres in the United States, and listed as #17 in all countries. New In Motion album adds diversity to the listening experience.

Compared to Jordan’s first album, Solace, the new album, In Motion, reaches the active listener. “In contrast to the calming pace of the Solace album, which is popular as a source of stress relief, you will find that In Motion also lives up to its name, with a lively and upbeat pace,” says Jordan. “It is still in the New Age instrumental genre, but with added energy. I have quite a bit more percussion instruments in this album compared to the orchestrations of Solace.

“Random Fire,” from the In Motion album, originated early in Jordan’s career, when he wrote music for an air combat game. Other songs in connection with this theme include “Fighter Tactics,” “Close Surveillance,” and “New Sound of Victory.” He enjoyed providing music soundtracks for animation sequences.

Other songs on the new album resemble soundtrack music. For example, “The Chase,” “Momentum,” and “Run Free Anthem” evoke imagery of action and excitement.

Contemporary composer Hans Zimmer has been very influential in Jordan’s work because they both grew up with classical music. Throughout his career Jordan has endeavored to emulate the epic heroism and timelessness in the symphonies and overtures of Beethoven and other classical composers.

Jordan enjoys diversity in his compositions, always seeking to create a transcendent quality of depth and timelessness.

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