Monday, October 15, 2018

"Uranus" from the album "The Universe"

This week I wanted to talk about ‘Uranus’ and what to look forward to with the music pieces on the upcoming album “The Universe”.

Uranus is the seventh planet and takes 84 years to orbit the Sun. Other planets are named after Roman gods; this is the only planet in our solar system named after a Greek god Ouranos (pronounced [oh-ron-nos]).  Today it is used in the Latin version Uranus (properly pronounced [oo-ron-us]).  If they kept the original Greek way there would be less embarrassment or confusion on how it is pronounced.   
This planet is known as the god of the sky or primal god of the Heavens.  Based on its sky discovery, the methane in the atmosphere may be what causes the planets bluish green color.  It has enough pressure on the carbon from the methane particles making it into diamonds raining through the mantle like hailstones.

Uranus is the about 1.6 billion miles from the Sun would make it one of the coldest planets at -355 degrees Fahrenheit in our solar system.  Being made up mostly of gas hydrogen and helium, it is the third largest planet and is also known as one of the gas giants.  Unlike Saturn which has thick visible rings Uranus has 13 thin rings.  It has 27 known moons listed in 3 categories.  Named after English literature, there are 13 inner moons, 5 major moons and the 9 irregular moons.  Uranus is the only planet that rotates on its side at 98 degrees resembling a target or bullseye, which means the poles get 42 years of light and 42 years of darkness.  The planets rotation of one day is 17 hours and 14 minutes. 

Being a gas planet some of its cloud surfaces rotate differently because of the high winds some areas may rotate faster around 14 hours.  Even though the poles get more sunlight, it is still hotter at the equator, no one is sure why.  Its core is surrounded by water ammonia and methane at temperatures 4,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

With its rotation it has an unusual magnetosphere is about as strong as the earths, and has an unusual axis of being off 59 degree making it stronger on its north pole than its south pole.  This may be caused by its liquid diamond ocean to cause a deflection of its magnetic sphere it may be caused by it water mantle instead.

This piece was written for its simple yet melodic settings.  Uranus with its sub-zero climate and diamond rains in its atmosphere.  Being so distant and one of the quieter lesser known busy planets in our solar system.  I wanted this music piece to have a sophistication and elegance to it.  I wanted to give it more of a simple quality that would be taken in a richer form for its cloudy majestic sky.


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The album 'The Universe' is targeted to be released on November 29th 2018.  Set your calendars, I will keep you updated on any possible changes.

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