Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Aurora Borealis" from the album "The Universe"

Aurora Borealis

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This week I wanted to talk about the ‘Aurora Borealis’ and what to look forward to with the music pieces on the upcoming album “The Universe”.

Where does the Aurora Borealis come from?  It starts at our Sun. The energy from our sun converts hydrogen to helium.  This light and energy comes from the core of the Sun called convection cells causing magnetic fields.  This energy pushes up to exit from its surface slowing down the eddies of hot gas, causing the surface to cool causing sun spots.  The electrical charged gas is called plasma, which stretches like a rubber band and breaks causing billions of tons of plasma are expelled from the sun called a solar storm.  The solar storms (also known as solar winds) can reach 4 million miles per hour traveling through space.
It takes about 6 hours to blast past Mercury, and about 12 hours by Venus.  It takes about 18 hours to reach Earth.  The Earth has a magnetic field that is coupled together that deflects the solar storm.  This causes the gas like stream to come down on the day side of north and south poles stretching down over the night side of the poles like a rubber band.  The rubber band breaks causing the gases to travel up the magnetic lines towards the poles on the night side.  This generates the light on the gases that we see as the Aurora Borealis.

When composing this music, I wanted to convey a kind of electrical sound or energy with a little bit of a victory written into it.  The Earth has a great beauty and without this magnetic field the Earth would look a lot like the planet Mercury.  What a great way of protecting itself with this marvelous shield.  I hope to you may hear that in this short but powerful piece. 

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