Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"Mars" from the album "The Universe"


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This week I wanted to talk about ‘Mars’ and what to look forward to with the music pieces on the upcoming album “The Universe”.

There are a number of planets in our solar system, but there are very few that you can actually visit due to their lack of surface and their atmosphere.  Mars is a planet that has similarities to planet Earth.  It is quite a small planet it is only 4,214 miles in diameter and about the width of the United States or Australia.  It has two moons Phobos and Deimos.  From the Sun it is about 142 million miles one orbit takes about 687 days.  For one rotation it has a day of 24 and half hours.  The surface gravity is 0.38 times the Earth’s gravity. The temperatures vary and can reach as high as 30 degree Fahrenheit on average of -80 degrees on average and a low of -195 degrees Fahrenheit.  The conditions are pretty rough if you were to ever visit there. 

You can never go out of a breath of fresh air.  The atmosphere is 95.3 percent carbon dioxide and the pressure is less than 1 percent of the Earth.  In other words if you were to take off your space suite your blood would boil which would not be a pleasant experience.  There is no ultra violet protection (UV) and you would be burnt to a crisp in moments.  The dust on Mars is as fine as fire smoke and can get into your clothes, equipment, into your lungs and everywhere.  There are dusts storms that cover the planet about once every three years.  This happened the first time when Mariner 9 first visited the planet in 1971.  Olympus Mons is the 85,000 feet about two and half times the height of Mount Everest making it the highest peak in the solar system.  The height may have been caused by its lower gravity.  There have been questions if water has been discovered on Mars.  In 2008 the Phoenix Lander was sent to the north arctic pole and water ice was found on the surface under the spacecraft.  There have been ice discover near the equator as well.  This opens many possibilities from the earlier stages of the planets origin.

You will notice this piece was written in some ways similar with the piece atmosphere to co-inside with one another.  It was written as a description of Mars and its surface.  Being a dusty and desolate location it has a sense of intensity and adventure.  There are many different instruments and with touch of sound design for giving you an effect of what you may experience if you were there.

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