Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Land and Water Divided (Day Two)

Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for all your great comments and sharing my music, More great questions on what is coming.  I hope this helps to answer some of them. and that this project portrays your imagination to take you there.

    The next picture here is to give you another look or idea of what to expect with the with new upcoming album. It has to do with the masses around us and the things we see and experience.  My aim is to take you  musically to a setting to help you feel that environment.  One question was asked if this is going to be a cosmic album or a nature album.  My focus will be to put you in those places that are described in the title description.  I enjoy putting timelessness in my music or take you on a pleasant journey.  Hopefully this answered some of those questions.  This is more of a sample to give you some perspective of what the next album may be about. Again science without the fiction. I will keep giving additional information on this theme as we move forward and get closer to this albums completion.
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