Monday, June 20, 2016

"Momentum" from the album "In Motion"


    Hi Everyone!

    This week I wanted to talk about the music piece "Momentum" from the "In Motion" album.  This is a longer piece than some of the other pieces.  It builds from beginning to the end.  It took a better part of a year to complete.  It was originally named "intensity".  At this point I wanted make it more of an energy builder and a great finale to the entire "In Motion" album.  The beginning initiates with a low bass line and the choir to bring you a calm intro, then building with the orchestra and a variety of supporting effects and number of percussion instruments.  The piano made a great start for this piece.  I had reached a point where it was more of a challenge to finish.  It was a challenge to stop the  "Momentum" once I got going.  The piano gave a great start and a satisfying conclusion.    I really hope to keep up the  "Momentum".

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