Monday, December 18, 2017

"Gravity" from the album 'The Universe"


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This week I wanted to talk about ‘Gravity’ and what to look forward to with the music pieces on the upcoming album “The Universe”.

Today I wanted to talk about “Gravity” from the upcoming album “The Universe”. 
Of course most of us know in 1687, English mathematician Sir Isaac Newton made this discovery. This however is another important part of the universe while trying to not go into a lot of technical detail.  In a short description, it is a natural thing in which mass is brought together, in other words a way in which objects from the tiniest atom or element are brought together.  They are drawn to each other like a magnet.  I wanted to mention this piece being one of the most common and important parts in a brief description to the universe.  Musically this can be quite a challenge, and the idea here is mostly to convey a type of story than an actual or literal description.  I would hope that the music may have a way in which the listener may be drawn toward it.

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