Monday, January 14, 2019

"Stars" from the album "The Universe"


As we step out into our backyard and look up at those tiny countless shining dots in the night’s sky not realizing those dots can be even bigger than our sun or even our solar system.  Stars vary at different sizes even our sun is considered small star and one of the cooler stars.  There are different types of stars that very from hot and cool stars.  There is anything from white dwarf to super massive stars. As you can see the small dot (in the photo) is the size of our sun compared to the biggest recorded star which is VY Canis Majoris located about 5,000 light years from the Earth.  If you had to describe the size of the sun it would be a pin head to the star as roughly the size of a massive 10 foot boulder.  There are countless possibilities we only know of a few of them that can be listed in our vast universe.

This piece was some music I had on the shelf for many years.  This was a piece I wanted to add this to the album.  It was a simple piece that describes the simplicity as we see them with a hint of the vastness that stars actually portray.

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