Friday, September 4, 2015

"In Motion" from the album "In Motion"

In Motion

Hi Everyone,

Writing about "In Motion" from the "In Motion" album.

I have to say I wrote a shorter version of "In Motion" back in the college years. I had a number of class projects and composed a number of music tracks. I later put it together and made a CD single. These ended up being shelved for many years. The music ended up being used for various projects and underscore fillers. I called the album "Variations" just because it was more like experiments and concepts and made a variety of music that came from it. The one music track I worked with was "In Motion". When thinking of an new album idea, I liked the having "In Motion" for the title. I composed the music around the theme. The whole album has a lot of energy and motivation.

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In Motion

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